Eating out can save you money

Whether it’s quality time with friends and family over a good meal at your favourite café, a fine dining experience with that special someone, a weekend away or even a big overseas holiday – all are more affordable and more achievable when you salary package Meal and Entertainment.

This is a great way to enjoy tax savings, stretch your pay packet further and start enjoying life more.

You can use up to $2,650 pre-tax income per year in addition to your tax-free limit for:

Dining Out

Dine out tax-free! Eligible expenses include:

  • meals and drinks consumed at a restaurant, cafe, tavern or hotel
  • taxi fares travelling to and from a restaurant, cafe, tavern or hotel
  • external supplier for catering a private event.

Core criteria for this benefit are:

  • the meal is consumed on the premises where purchased
  • the meal is the primary entertainment activity.

Ineligible expenses include takeaway meals, groceries purchased for a dinner party at home or costs for a “dinner and show” occasion.

Holiday Accommodation and Venue Hire

Enjoy your holiday, or hire a function venue, tax-free! This benefit allows you to salary package:

  • holiday accommodation including hotel or motel rooms, apartment or holiday house
  • car hire while on holidays (the car hire must be part of a “package” holiday where all cost components of the holiday have been bundled into a single price)
  • the hire of a reception venue, private function room or marquee.

Meal and Entertainment is an additional benefit and can be taken on top of the Everyday Purchases tax-free allowance of $15,900 if you work for a charity or public benevolent institution or $9,010 if you work for a public or private not-for-profit hospital.

How does it work?

Simply nominate the amount of pre-tax funds to be allocated to your card every pay cycle (up to an annual maximum of $2,650), and then pay for eligible meal and entertainment expenses wherever Visa cards are accepted.

We’ve partnered with Westpac to offer the Meal and Entertainment card, and through their online banking app, Westpac Live, you can access an up-to-date account balance and your transaction details.

With a Meal and Entertainment card, you pay as you go. There’s no need to submit claims or receipts – just present the card to pay the bill, and it’ll be automatically deducted from your salary packaging account. How easy is that!

Things to note

  • To make the most of this benefit, you need to reduce the balance on your card to $0 by 31 March each year as you cannot carry over any remaining balance to the next FBT year.
  • There are additional fees charged if you choose a Meal and Entertainment card as one of your benefits.
  • Your money is usually available on your card the day after your payday.
  • There can be a delay in merchants processing transactions, so Westpac Live should be used to view your most up-to-date balance.
  • You can’t withdraw cash or add money to the card.
  • You can purchase gift cards as long as they can’t be redeemed for cash.
  • It can’t be used for Direct Debit.
  • If you are planning to use your card overseas, please note there will be a 3% currency conversion fee per transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register for Westpac Live?

    You can check your card balance and transactions at any time with Westpac Live. It’s easy to register for Westpac Live.

    Stage 1: Call 1300 650 107 to establish Westpac Live
    Stage 2: Select option 2
    Stage 3: Do not enter customer number and wait
    Stage 4: Say the words “Employee Benefit Card”
    Stage 5: Do not enter customer number and wait
    Stage 6: Call centre will complete identification and establish Westpac Live
    Stage 7: Provide your Westpac Solutions/Entertainment Card Number