You can include your car finance and all its running costs

We help you budget for all of your car’s finance and running expenses over the life of your lease. A single regular payment covers all the different things you decide to include in your lease. With all your car’s expenses covered, all you have to do is enjoy your car.

Apart from the finance for your car, you can choose to include as many or as few other expenses as you want.    



Your finance payments are made from your account so you never have to worry about making a payment on time.


Fill-up cash free at over 2,400 fuel stations nationwide. No need for manual claims; just present your card to have your fuel charged to your account.

Servicing & Tyres

We take care of all your scheduled servicing, maintenance and repairs, saving you up to 30%. And we evaluate work recommended by the repairer, so you only ever pay for the servicing your car needs.

Registration & Insurance

When it comes to renewing your registration and insurance, we can pay the expenses directly or reimburse you, whichever suits you.

Roadside Assistance

Whether you’re close to home or far away, when things go wrong it’s good know that help is, in most cases, less than an hour away.