Save with a Novated Lease

A Novated Lease is the most tax efficient way to purchase a car and save money. It’s convenient too. Your lease can include all the costs of your car, including the finance, insurance, registration and running costs. And you don’t need to drive lots of kilometres, earn lots of money or use your car for work to benefit and save.

We believe that anyone interested in purchasing a vehicle with a Novated Lease should fully understand all the costs involved. So we’ve specially designed our quote document with a simple breakdown of all costs to ensure there are no grey areas or unexpected costs.

Our customer service and the way we support our members is where we are different to other providers. Plus, we’re experts in cars and work with other Auto Clubs, combining our knowledge to produce a comprehensive assessment of all popular vehicles on the Australian market. This information is designed to help you make an informed purchasing decision and can also help you make the right choice to meet your needs.

See how much you could save

Calculator Use our Novated Leasing Calculator to see how much you could save
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