Solutions Card

Tax-free shopping made easy

Tax free shopping made easyThe most convenient way to have day-to-day access to your money is with a Solutions Card, which can be used wherever you see the VISA sign. You simply nominate an amount from your pre-tax salary that you would like to be loaded on your card each pay and then you’re ready. You can use it for everyday things such as:

  • Groceries
  • Shopping
  • Fuel and car expenses
  • Bills
  • Online shopping

You can make BPAY payments from your card and even set up regular payments for expenses such as insurance premiums and subscriptions.

Using a Solutions Card to pay for your everyday expenses reduces your taxable income and increases your take home salary. It’s tax free shopping that is Government approved!

We’ve partnered with Westpac to offer our Solutions Card and you can access the most up to date information about your card activity, including your account balance, your latest transactions and your card statements through Westpac Live.

There are many advantages of using the card

  1. No need to submit claims or receipts
  2. Spend your pre-tax dollars anywhere, any time
  3. Your account balance is updated as you spend
  4. Statements are available showing detailed transaction history
  5. It’s accepted around the world

There’s lots of flexibility with a Solutions Card but there are some things you need to know

  • You’re allowed to package up to $15,900 to your Solutions Card each Fringe Benefits Tax year if you work for a charity or public benevolent institution, and $9,010 if you work for a public or private not for profit hospital. This is your tax-free limit.
  • To ensure you make the most of this benefit, you need to spend all of the money on your card prior to 31 March each year.
  • You can purchase gift cards with your Solutions Card, as long as they can’t be redeemed for cash.
  • The Solutions Card cannot be used for cash advances.
  • Funds cannot be deposited on the card.


If you’re not already packaging a Solutions Card and would like to start, call us now to sign up.

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