There are many of benefits that can be included in a salary packaging program, but not all employers offer the same range of employee benefits, so the benefits you can include will depend on your employer. To confirm the options available to you, contact your employer or call us now.

The most popular benefits are:

  • Everyday Purchases – These are usually items you pay on a regular basis, such as your mortgage or rent, bills, shopping, and petrol.  You can even include loan payments, credit card payments and school fees in your salary packaging.
  • Meal and Entertainment – This benefit can be used for eating out at restaurants and cafes, and is in addition to the Everyday Purchases benefit.
  • Holiday Accommodation and Venue Hire – Make tax savings with salary packaging even when you’re going on holiday.
  • Car Packaging – This is also known as a novated lease, and is the most cost effective way to purchase and run a car.

There are also some benefits that depend on your location such as Remote Area benefits. If you live and work in a remote area you may be able to save on rent or mortgage interest, fuel, and holiday travel. Contact us if you’d like to find out more about these benefits.