Salary packaging means more for you.
For most of us, tax is deducted before we receive our pay. But if you work for an organisation that offers salary packaging, you can use some of your salary to pay for everyday expenses first. Your tax is then calculated on the remaining amount, meaning you pay less tax and have more of your salary available to you.

Salary packaging is convenient, too, and an easy way to budget for regular expenses such as your mortgage, bills or even everyday items such as groceries and petrol.

Watch this short and informative video which explains salary packaging and provides some great examples of what you can save on everyday purchases.


It’s easy to get started.

  1. Simply decide how much of your pre-tax salary you want to use (up to $15,900 for employees of not for profit organisations and $9,010 for hospital employees).
  2. Nominate the items you want to use your money for (we can help you decide if you’re not sure).
  3. Compete a Salary Packaging Application Form and provide any additional documentation needed.
  4. We then advise your employer of the details and they deduct this money before you receive your pay and send it to us.
  5. We use this money to pay for the things you have included in your salary packaging. This might be your mortgage or rent, your bills or even your credit card. Or we can add it to an Everyday Purchases card to give you the flexibility to choose how to spend your money.

If your employer offers salary packaging, then using your pre-tax salary to pay for your living expenses is a great way to save tax and increase your disposable income.